Humax Hdr-Fox T2 Freeview Pvr And Subtitles

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Dodger666 | 11:07 Sat 09th Jan 2016 | Technology
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For some time now I have been having problems with subtitles being displayed out of synch with spoken words on certain minor Freeview channels on recorded programmes on playback. ITV2,3 & 4, Drama, 5USA are some examples. If I watch the same channels live then they are all fine.

The subtitles start off OK but then start to appear up to 5-10 seconds early. I have found that pressing rewind for a second or two, then replay, they return to normal for a while before coming early again. It seems as if they appear early if the is a long break in dialogue whilst the picture continues.

I have had many exchanges with Humax help team who have advised reformatting the hard drive, switching the PVR off for while. Nothing they have suggested has cured the problem.

The affected channels are all on the COM4 Mux at Sutton Coldfield Transmitter. Having said that all channels display subtitles correctly when watching live TV. Also the five main channels display subtitles correctly whether recorded or live.

Has anyone esle had this problem and found a cure?


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Humax Hdr-Fox T2 Freeview Pvr And Subtitles

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