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Matheous-2 | 10:39 Mon 16th Nov 2015 | Technology
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Can any ABrs explain this: We have two TV media devices, -AppleTV and Maiz box (which is very recent) Having limited HDMI knowledge, -can anyone explain why we don't have 'digital sound' output that's available through AppleTV when I transfer the SAME HDMI plug to the Maiz Box (which also has an empty AV output)we have no digital sound and have to suffer TVspeaker sound when using the Maiz Box!?? I thought an HDMI plug carried visual & audio signals?


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it does
I don't understand how you are currently playing your digital sound? Is it through an amplifier and separate speaker(s) somehow? Does your TV have an optical sound output.

Not sure if this is any help, but my TV is connected to my amp. My amm is not optical, and the TV is, so I had to buy a little optical to cable converter. Apple TV connects to TV by HDMI. It is a long time since I set mine up, but I think there is a setting on the TVs sound menu to mute the Tvs built in speakers.

The only way I can see to diagnose a sound fault inside the Maiz box is to try the alternative, AV, signal path.

This is where you tell me you threw away all your SCART leads, ages ago.
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Yes Hypognosis, I may try the AV socket on the Maiz Box.....Still don't understand why I get digi-sound through the AppleTV, and using the SAME HDMI cable transferred to the HDMI on the Maiz- I get no sound.
The amp/hi-fi is just a 2.1 arrangement with optical inputs as well. Maiz box has no optical output.
Enough other people have asked that Google offered "does HDMI have audio" for it to be a ready-to-go alternative search selection, which gave me this

"Many new HD-DVD and Blu-ray players have built-in decoders that will output the new multi-channel audio formats over HDMI as 8 channels of linear PCM 192 kHz/24-bit uncompressed digital audio, so if your AV receiver or AV preamp will handle a multi-channel PCM signal and is HDMI-compliant, then you'll be fine.
10.1 Things You Should Know About HDMI - Axiom Audio › hdmi

Immediately before this, a search result snippet informed me that HDMI carries as much as 8-tracks of audio but it is PCM encoded, hence the products describing themselves as able to 'split out' the audio.

I know nothing about this Maiz box and will read up about them separately.

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After climbing into my loft a rumaging through a 'cables & connectors' (and very old modems)box, I found a 3.5 mini jack to phono cable....which I plugged in at the amp 'in' and got no more than what sounded like an 'earth hum'.....tried a different cable/mini jack with four sections - to phono, same result!
Mini jacks were plugged into AV socket on Maiz box (first one has only 3sections). So, back to drawing board...
Does the Maiz box have its own settings menu?

If so, go to audio settings. Make sure you audio digital output is HDMI.

(I've based this on a thread at which was about a Cable HD box as the signal source and HDMI)

A message, which I read there, yesterday, said - bizarrely - to change around the two ends of the cable (ie which device they are plugged into, not a cut/resolder exercise!) and the reply came back that it had worked! Could have been bogus/a wind up but you never know. The act of unplugging and replugging might dislodge something which was interfering with good metal-to-metal contact.

Keep us updated.
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Hypognosis, -Sorry for the long delay in answering (Xmas etc) I resorted to an optical connection which works.....however, there is some incompatibility between LG tv and Samsung as there is no graphic display on the LG, so you have to change sound bar settings 'blind'. I have to criticise Samsung here also - the remote is without doubt, the worst I ever used- so directional it's almost useless and there are no options if you happen to 'misplace' the remote.....I will try a new battery-despite it only being a week or so old
Question Author
An update to this! I must retract what I said about Samsung! - There IS an LED display which works absolutely fine!!....Confession!- I had the sound bar lying on the mantelpiece -on its face, which not only affected the sound-but made remote control almost impossible!!
Sorry Samsung- and any ABrs put off a potential purchase!

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