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The Dreaded ...needs Formatting Message

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Tubbycoates | 20:37 Sun 25th Oct 2015 | Technology
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Hi all,

I've put a memory stick in my PC, and its come up with that it needs formatting.

I've looked on the 'net to try and download recovery programs, and have tried a few, but they all want some sort of payment before they will recover any files.

Does anyone know of anything free I can recover the files with? I'm unemployed and can't afford a pot to pee in, never mind some software!

Thanks in advance.


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My external hard discs sometimes do that. DO NOT FORMAT IT - you will lose everything on it. Try taking it ant and trying again, in a different USB socket if you can. Another thing to try is shutting down your computer, putting the memory stick in a USB socket and then booting the computer - it might work that way.
Try the free version of Recuva (which is widely recommended, both in the technical press and here on AB):
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The first answer I've tried, but no joy.

I've tried a version of recuva before, but it asked for payment before it would recover any files.

Still, it may be a different version so I'll try it again.

Thanks all.
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Recuva doesn't work. I get an error message saying something like 'unable to determine file type "

Any ideas anyone?

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The Dreaded ...needs Formatting Message

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