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whistonian | 09:31 Sun 12th Jul 2015 | Technology
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I need a new laptop but my budget is only £200.I have selected 3 and would appreciate your comments.
1, Asus X551 mav-bing-sx1017b £199 new

2 Lenover G50 £199 new

3. Dell D531 £170 refurbished

Thanks for your time.


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The Dell looks like it is 3 or 4 years old so I would not even consider that.

Both the Asus and Lenovo have Celeron CPUs (same model in both laptops) which are at the lower end, but at your price you would expect that.

Both have the same memory.

Both have 15.6 inch screens.

Both have a DVD drive.

The ASUS comes with a 1Tb hard drive, the Lenovo only 500Gb.

There is not much in it, however the Lenovo seems to be on offer at £199 from John Lewis so as you can trust them I would go for the Lenovo G50.
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Thanks VHG The Lenover is the one I was considering most.
You've not mentioned the operating systems on the laptops you mention. I'm assuming that the new models have Windows 8.1 but refurbished laptops often use Windows 7. My own preference would most definitely to go for Windows 7. (Indeed, this is what I'd go for : ).

You've also not told us what you'll be using the laptop for. For example, do you need the biggest available hard drive (because you'll be storing lots of videos on it) or the lightest available model (because you'll be climbing a mountain with it)?
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Thanks for your reply Buenchico,your correct the new ones are windows 8.1 and the refurb windows 7.I don't need a high storage capacity as i do not store videos etc. Also thanks for the link however, I have decided to go with the Lenover as I feel happier with new rather than refurbished.
Once again I am thoroughly impressed by the usefulness and the level of knowledge and efficiency of reply that you ABers display on here. This question and the answers are right up my street at the moment. I have printed them all out and will be using them for reference when I look for a cheap laptop next month. Thank you again.

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