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Changing Desktop Background

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tenrec | 15:21 Sun 30th Nov 2014 | Technology
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I copied a map onto my PC and somehow it automatically became my background desktop. I found another picture to use as my desktop and right clicked so I could make that my background. It appeared to have worked, but next time I switched on the new pic appeared for a matter of 5 - 10 seconds and then the map was back. I am using Windows XP. Please could you help me get rid of the map. It is too busy and I struggle to see the icons that are there. Many thanks in anticipation.


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Strange that the screen keeps reverting to its original background.

I assume that you are proceeding according to the following. :-

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Methyl and Hans. Thanks very much. I'm on my laptop right now, so will try later. Thanks for the other tip about saving memory too. I had forgotten about that.

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Changing Desktop Background

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