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Setting Desktop Background

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tearinghair | 09:27 Mon 31st Dec 2012 | Technology
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I'm changing my wallpaper on desktop (Windows 7). No problem with changing the picture, but I can't seem to set it as I had before, with a black border down each side so that the icons are clearly displayed. Options given are Center (sic) Fill, Fit, Stretch and Tile, but whichever I click and save, there is no change.

I've asked this question before, but no answer that worked, In the meantime I must have found a way to do it, but whatever it was I've forgotten it. I'd be very grateful for any advice on this.


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Are you now using a different picture? It sounds as though the current picture is larger then the screen size and so fills the screen whichever mode you are using. If so then you could use an image editor to resize the picture.
Question Author
Thanks Bibblebub, I'll try that. First attempt didn't work as the 'apply' was greyed out, but I'll keep trying.
For example, my screen resolution is 1920x1080. If I were to select an image that was 3000x2000 then it would fill the desktop whichever display mode I chose. But if I were to select an image that is 100x500 and use the Centre option them it would be displayed in the middle of the screen surrounded by a black border (the colour depends on which theme one is using).

If you do modify an image then remember to save it under a different file name if you want to keep the original intact.
Question Author
Still trying, bibblebub. I did as you suggested and it seemed to be showing as I wanted it, but when I fixed it as wallpaper it was back to full screen again. I'm fairly sure this is what happened last time. I'll close the program and try again, then if that doesn't work I'll resize again. Thank you for your help.
Apologies if this is too obvious but you did click on the Save Changes button at bottom right?
Question Author
No apology necessary; in fact I'm sure that's what the problem must be, but there isn't a 'save changes' button on the screen I'm using (Olympus software). I'll retry using Picasa.
ah sorry, i've been assuming that you were trying to set it from the desktop itself - have you tried that? (right click on the desktop and choose the option from the menu)
Question Author
It's no good, I can't do it. Whenever I think I've got there and need to save changes, there's nothing to click on. Have tried picasa, camera software, documents and pictures libraries - oh, maybe I should try editing from a Word document. If that doesn't work I'll leave it as it is - it's a nice picture, and I'll just have to peer through the tree branches to see the icons! Thanks anyway, bibblebub - it's my idiocy at fault, not your explanations.

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