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Printers And Their Ink. Is There A Cheap Solution?

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dance2trance | 16:58 Thu 27th Nov 2014 | Technology
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I bought Canon printer for £35. Year later need new ink. Cheapest I can find on web wd cost £37 to £54. Argos sell new Canon printers for £30! So cheaper to turf out the printer and buy new one. But that is insane!

Seems a waste to chuck out a working printer. But who might need? Are there any cheap ink places? Can I just rattle my printer around and shake up the ink?

Grateful for advice. Thanks.


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I've found this place to be good
OK, you're going to get lots of opinions on this question. Anyway, I've been dealing with Cartridge World for about 4 years now with no problems, and their inks are about half the price of regular Canon inks. And they do have stores over there:
>>>Are there any cheap ink places?

Loads - but if you were foolish enough to buy a printer that uses a single cartridge for all colours, rather than a somewhat dearer printer that uses separate cartridges for each colour, you'll never get them really cheap.

I deliberately chose one of the dearer Canon printers because I knew that I'd be able to get compatible cartridges cheaper for it than for the less costly printers (which use a single cartridge for all colours). So I pay just 20 quid for 4 complete sets of all 5 cartridges from my preferred supplier (and I could get them even cheaper elsewhere), with inks that produce excellent prints.

This is where I get my compatible inks from
and I'm happy to give a recommendation to that excellent supplier. (Try looking there to see how much they charge for inks for your own model). However, as I've indicated above, there are other (even cheaper) firms out there as well; try looking on eBay for them.
Another thing to keep in mind is that when your screen shows something like "ink is running low", you still have lots of printing left to do. At least that's what I've discovered.
As a general rule I think, the cheaper the printer, the more more made on new cartridges.

You can always try refills. Better a less printer friendly ink (and I'm not claiming they are) than a printer slung due to running costs.
What is the model number of your Canon Printer.?

That is what you get at Cartridge World, Old_Geezer: refills. A regular Canon CLI-8 black cartridge would cost me $20.66; at Cartridge World, it costs me $11.99...Quite a saving.
There's plenty of sites on the net dance I've used these for a long tme and never had any problems.
Just because I checked the prices of cartridges at "Staples Canada", I'm being inundated with their ads on this site now:)
Hi. Dance, I've been re-filling my printer cartridges for about 15 years now which costs me about £1.50 per year. The cartridges last about 2 to 3years and are then replaced with cheaper re-manufactured cartridges which are then re-filled as required.
Have a look at this site to see if your cartridges are re-fillable.

A few inky fingers can save you a great deal of money!!!
Isn't the problem with these cheaper inks, that they don't contain the chip that the original ones do?
Get a printer that doesn't have a chip in the cartridge and refill it with a hypodermic before it runs out. Ink is quite cheap in bulk.
>>>Isn't the problem with these cheaper inks, that they don't contain the chip that the original ones do?

Most cheap inks use recycled cartridges, so they're still chipped. (The chip is reset by the new manufacturer). I've never had a problem.

BTW, I've just re-read the original post: "I bought Canon printer for £35. Year later need new ink". That seems to imply that the questioner has made a single set of inks last a year! (When printing lots of photographs, I've been known to get through two full sets in an afternoon!)
Question Author
Thank you everybody,

The information on cheap cartridges was most helpful. Unfortunately, the cheapest replacements, and I am facing blank paper printing here, would come to £24 with the prospect of needing another shortly at £12 and balancing that against the time and effort and delay in receiving new cartridges - well it all weighs against buying cartridges. A new printer particularly in January sales is on the cards at half the price. But fear not the old printer is going to the YMCA electrical goods recycling shop! Thanks!
Check out the Canon Pixma MG5550. See my post here:

It's a superb printer and it uses separate cartridges for each colour. (That makes it a tenner dearer than the equally good MG4250 but you save a fortune on ink cartridges). For example the supplier I recommend charges £29.99 for 4 full sets of all 5 cartridges but I see that, at the moment, you can get them for £24.00 (by actually ordering 4 separate sets of 5, instead of the bulk pack):
They're almost certainly cheaper from some eBay traders but I prefer to buy from somewhere that I have total confidence in.
Ink has not been used, want to use more fully, of course, we need to shake the toner drum is not used, completely clean.
After the toner is used, you only need to replace the toner cartridge, or Drum, and the printer can continue to work.
Last time my friend emailed me ATonerstore TN247 SET for a 75 pound pack, I clicked on it and it was real. I ordered a set, used it for four months and is currently using it

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Printers And Their Ink. Is There A Cheap Solution?

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