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kenny1234 | 12:45 Wed 20th Aug 2014 | Technology
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My desk top PC is set so that the monitor goes off after 5 mins if not used. ( All I have to do is move the mouse and my Homepage comes on). For the last 2-3 days however, I have been getting the Windows sign-in screen (with the blue sky /tower etc.) I am having to sign in every time now!! What might have happened??


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Unsure. Has the settings been changed as to what to do when the PC is unused ? Try looking at them and seeing if they seem reasonable/expected.
Is it only your Monitor that shuts off, or is it accompanied with your Computer Tower going into Sleep mode.?

I really don't know what you mean by 'Windows sign-in screen'.

What Windows are you using.? Perhaps it's W8/W8.1 of which I am completely inexperienced.

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Hello Hans,
I have set my PC's monitor to go off after 5 minutes ---and set the tower never to go off (neither sleep mode nor hibernate). However, for some reason I am being signed off from Windows. [8] whenever I return. {The screen shows a blue sky with a tower } I have to then enter my Windows password in order to get back to my desk-top and click on a server to get to my home-page !!!
I see little point in having the display set to close down and the computer still left running. I always put my Monitor and Tower to sleep at the same time. It only requires a shake of the mouse to wake both items.

Sorry that I am unable to offer an explanation for your having to keep signing-in. The only thing I know about Windows 8 is that it was developed for touch-screen laptops and I think was up-dated to W8.1 for desktop computers.

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I put the tower to sleep also last night (incidentally bringing back from sleep requires any key to be pressed rather than just moving the mouse)--and still the screen showed Windows "tower/green fields/etc . requiring me to sign in again. { What I didn't mention before was that message comes on the screen to say that my PC ran into a problem and had to restart
It's just an inconvenience at the moment having to sign in after every sleep etc. My initial post was to see if anyone Knew what might be happening!!!
I am guessing now that it could be a 'nastie' has entered your computer.

Download and run a scan of the Free edition of Malwarebytes; rejecting any offers for even a trial of the Premium edition.


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