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Dust Don't Move The Laptop!

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DuzyEverwork | 14:05 Wed 13th Aug 2014 | Technology
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OK, self confessed techno-muppet, bear with me!
Our router was getting on in years and as we have to rely on the internet to stream UK TV (I live in Spain) I bought a new one before the old one gave up the ghost, same make as before as it has given us good service.
We had two laptops connected wirelessly to the old router and two TVs by ethernet, the router had no security code (which was another reason to change it) and we had no problems.
I've change the router and both TVs are working perfectly on their ethernet cables, the laptop next to the router is fine as is my tablet two rooms away. The problem is the laptop 4 meters away it just won't connect - move it a meter closer and it will, take it back to it's 4 meter distance and it works until you turn the laptop off and restart it (or it goes into hibernation mode) and it won't connect itseems to 'forget' the connection - any ideas what I can I do please?


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Hmmm fender, I don't think that's the answer, the laptop is only 3 meters away from the router, I can connect the tablet 20 meters away.
I am no expert Duzy.

Why not try a TP-Link which is a powerline booster and attach it to youe router.
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Thanks all for your replies I have found my own solution, the external hard disc drive had malfunctioned and was conflicting with the wifi, hard disk drive removed from the extension socket where the laptop was plugged in and now laptop connecting as normal.
Good result. Nothing to do with dust then (see your title)
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Yes, blonde spelling and couldn't find a way to edit that!!!!

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Dust Don't Move The Laptop!

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