How To Make My Computer Sound Better?

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Henrietta | 14:00 Wed 13th Aug 2014 | Technology
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The sound is pretty rubbish and low on my vaio windows 7. Is there an equalizer to download or something i can do to get more sound and more bass?


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Or use good headphones.
A decent sound card and surround sound kit plugged in it with deep booming bass maybe.
Laptop or desktop? If desktop fit a sound card internally, User Recommendation
Or connect to your hi-fi speakers with a USB DAC. (about £120.00). If there's no USB maybe there's bluetooth in which case you would need an Arcam rBlink instead (about the same cost).
Don't know what happened to my post then, half of it is missing. The above link was to a laptop sound bar.

This one is to an internal sound card User Recommendation
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I have a bluetooth speaker which is well wicked and my headphones are bassy but the sound from the lappy itself is crap. Oh well thanks for the help all. One more thing my headphone jack receiver on the lappy is broken so i have to put a tissue to hold the headphone jack in which pees me off especially when it slips out. Can i fix this myself? How much would it cost to get it fixed at the local "We do everything and anything" shop?
As it's a laptop this might be a good option:

As for the headphone socket, it should be very cheap to replace, I wouldn't pay more than £20 for such a thing at my local PC repair place.
Slightly cheaper and more portable option for USB sound card:
you'll not get any bass out of laptop speakers,just not possible,like all the new flat tv there's not room for large speakers ,as guys have said on here go for some plug in ones

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How To Make My Computer Sound Better?

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