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Crackly Phones

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Bert | 10:27 Sat 12th Jul 2014 | Technology
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I have three wireless phones and one really old handset that is connected to the phone line directly. Everything has worked fine for years. But about a week ago the three wireless phone started to get very crackly at my end. The other end of the line has been fine -- they can hear the crackling that I'm getting, but only because it's so loud at my end. The old phone is clear as a bell. There is a microfilter on the central wireless phone and on the old phone line (which is the one that is also connected to the router for my broadband, but not on the other two phones. BT has checked the phone line and found no fault. The wireless phones are quite old, but if it is a matter of age, it seems odd that all three should get crackly at the same time, when they have had different amounts of use. A friend suggested unplugging the transformer of the main phone from the power for an hour or so, but that has made no difference. Perhaps coincidentally, my broadband has been dropping out frequently lately -- it never used to. I unplug the router each night and plug in again when I want to use the computer. I was told by BT I should leave it plugged in, but I've had no problems till recently. Do you have any ideas?


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Regularly unplugging and re-connecting your router doesn't help matters.You are giving signals to the BT Exchange which suggests the cabling to your house will Not support the Broadband speed which is being provided and will automatically lower the level.

Leave your Router on permanently and do as suggested by Scrivens.

Bert...I am having exactly the same problem with BT....I thought to begin with it was old phones so I replaced improvement.

My broadband is also dropping out......sometimes for no reason but always when the phone rings.

I have changed everything I can and done everything I can...well a clever friend has....and nothing is helping.

BT say there is no fault at their end.....but it's certainly not at mine after all the changes I have made.

If you get any help will you post and I'll do the same?...Gx

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Crackly Phones

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