Btmail Desktop Icon In Windows 8

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237SJ | 13:29 Mon 24th Feb 2014 | Technology
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I`ve just got a new laptop with Windows 8 (hate it). On Vista I installed a link to my BT mail by inputing the name of the server and details such as POP3. Anyway, I can`t seem to figure if I can still do that so I want desktop icon on (with the bt log in page). Internet forums give conflicting advise so does anyone know who to do it please?


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I regret being unable to speak with any confidence on this matter, because my knowledge of Windows does Not go beyond W 7.

It does appear that you will be unable to transfer your present BT mail address without speaking to BT and asking for your POP to be changed to IMAP ( if indeed BT can do so) I really do sympathise with you because my primary E/mail address is with BT and I am still operating my Desktop Computer, from which I am at present typing, with Windows Vista.

Click the following link and see if it explains the unfortunate position which I have indicated.:-

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Thanks Hans. The Windows 8 mail app does show emails from my two addresses but they are not in the same format as on the BT or Yahoo sites (for example, it doesn`t show contacts - in fact it doesn`t show very much at all. It`s almost a blank screen). That is why I just want to get the BT email log in page on the desktop as an icon and open it from there.
I am not too sure of what you really require, but if it is just an icon on your desktop as a short cut to an internet address then you could use my method.

Open the page on the Internet and click top right to reduce it in size and result in some blank screen available alongside on your desktop. Now click onto and hold the icon which is at the start of the address and slide it into an open space on your desktop and then release your finger from the mouse.

I have always found the method I have suggested as really simple and effective. Hope I am being helpful.


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Btmail Desktop Icon In Windows 8

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