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=rizla= | 20:06 Tue 12th Nov 2013 | Technology
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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of utalizing an old pc that is unused and could do with some advice, on the best operating system for me and also if its worth the bother.

What i'm trying to acheive is to make my non wireless printer wireless and also my mains powered external HDD wireless (i actually its 2, one for normal storage and one as an extra backup for photos.) ie HDD's and printer wire connected to the server box utilizing its wireless abilitys.

The old pc is running windows xp and is about 6 years old (not 100% on specs). I'd like it to run in a cupboard without a monitor, and as i dont print/access the HDD all the time i would also like it to power down when not in use.

There will be windows based laptops and maybe android devices also connected to the server. The modem/router i have is the standard talk talk one.

I've read about freeNAS and sounds good, but maybe a little tricky to set up?, and not 100% about the printing, also leaving its windows XP on it and just removing as many programs off it as i dare and then setting it up with remote desktop to make it run without a monitor is another idea i've read about.

Advice/thoughts would be great


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