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cupotee | 17:28 Sat 14th Sep 2013 | Technology
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There is a password on my new laptop. I must have set it up but never intended to use it.

I don't need a password as only me uses it and there will be nothing secret on it.

How can I stop it it "butting in" every time I am inactive for more than a couple of minutes? So annoying when I may be reading an article to find its shut off and I need to sign in again...and again.

Thank you in advance


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You can go to the Control Panel and find User accounts and then select to Remove Your password.

However if you have the screen saver set to "butt in" every few minutes you will still get that, even if you remove your password, so you need to set the screen saver (assuming that is what is butting in) and remove the time currently set for it to butt in.

p.s. If this is Windows 8 the instructions above may differ slightly, I have only used W8 briefly and I am currently using w7.

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