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KARL | 00:40 Tue 19th Jul 2005 | Technology
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I have an HP 660C printer which was working fine last time I had occasion to use it (owned from new, not used much). Now there appears to be a communication problem inasmuch as it won't print although it switches on. I get no messages suggesting communication failure or printer problem. If it is switched off Windows shows something in the printer queue but as soon as the printer is switched on the print job(s) is (are) deleted right in front of my eyes. I have tried re-installing the driver but no change - Windows does detect the printer. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong and how to sort it ?


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Is the printer able to print a test page?
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Actually - no ?? What does it mean ?
I had an old 690C and it refused to cooperate unless I switched the Printer on BEFORE the computer.

This page might help. At least if it prints a test from the printer controls (rather than from the software menu) you'll know if the printer is at fault or not.

If the print queue is disappearing one item at a time, that suggests the information is being sent.

One other thought is that whatever you are printing is set to 'Print to file' rather than to the printer. This would account for the queue disappearing without error messages being shown.

That was forgetful. Here's the link ..

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Thank you, that was excellent help Sligachan14, the printer does a test page independently (perfect copy too) but I am baffled by the deletions - one job at a time, but not printing to file. If anyone can suggest some way around this then I would be most grateful. It seems I have a perfectly good printer, an equally good computer, but the two won't co-operate. At this point all the jokes about computers being totally unpredictable seem painfully true - those who worship this technology have me worried......

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PC to Printer communication

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