T.v. Error Code E202

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Theland | 14:38 Thu 14th Mar 2013 | Technology
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I have a Sharp Aquos television model LC-468XE.
I am getting no picture or sound but an error code saying "Failed to receive broadcast (E202)"
Any ideas please?
Thanks in advance.


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Have you checked that all the cables are properly plugged in?

How do you receive your TV signal? If cable perhaps try your provider to see if there is a fault in your area.
The first thing to do (unless you have cable TV) is to step outside and look at your aerial or satellite dish. We've had some strong winds recently and it might have been blown out of alignment. (There was one occasion when I posted this advice and the questioner responded to say that he'd found his aerial on the lawn in his back garden!).

Then check all of the cabling between the aerial/dish and the TV, ensuring that the appropriate connector is firmly plugged in at the back of the TV. (My cat has managed to disconnect the aerial to my TV set on a couple of occasions!).

If there's anything between the aerial/dish and the TV (such as a set-top box or signal booster) check that it's powered up and that all of the connections are secure.

If you get your TV signal through an external device (such as a Sky box or a Freeview box) check that the TV's 'source' selector is set to 'Scart', 'AV' (or 'HDMI', if appropriate) or something similar. It could be that your TV is trying to accept a signal through its aerial socket instead of via the Scart or HDMI socket.

If you're still stuck, please post again to tell us how you're trying to get a signal into the TV. (i.e. directly from an aerial or via an external device plugged into a Scart or HDMI socket).


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T.v. Error Code E202

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