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Crossed Lines On Mobiles

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mungbeanz | 19:06 Mon 11th Feb 2013 | Technology
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I make quite a lot of phone calls usually without problem, but twice today I was trying to make calls and a very strange thing happened. The phone rang a couple of times and then suddenly I could hear one side of a conversation very clearly. First time was a woman talking about her medical condition and the second time a man telling someone he missed them and wasn't having great day. Has this happened to anyone else? Or have you heard of this? It's a bit worrying to think that strangers can randomly connect to private phone calls.


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I'd guess one network is as prone to this sort of thing as another. Not had it myself, rarely speak on the mobile, but many conversations will go over the fixed landline network anyway, fixed to mobile or vicec versa, so would be subject to the same defects.
Oh and yes, never assume a call over the public network is private.

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Crossed Lines On Mobiles

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