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Mass_Hysteria | 22:02 Thu 17th Jan 2013 | Technology
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I am looking to buy a new laptop for my daughter but i'm lost with the number available. She starts college next year and her current one is very poorly and won't last, also it is old and slow.

Looking to spend approx £300.

Any advice re models/performance etc. would be appreciated.



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Does she just need it for web surfing, storing college work etc?

This would be my choice, it's a little over what you want to spend but for the price it is a really nice laptop.
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Bit of everything daffy, she uses Word, Powerpoint etc, Also the internet and watches movies etc.

Thanks, i'll check out your suggestion.
The above would be perfect then, she may need to buy Windows Office separately unless she already owns it.
*Microsoft Office* sorry :)
This is 'factory refurbished' but I'm prepared to guarantee that you won't be able to tell it from new. (The source is an excellent firm, which I've recommended to lots of people, all of whom have been delighted with their purchases):
That model has outstanding reviews across many websites.
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Thanks Chris, looks good, will also check this one.

Will it normally be plugged in in her college room, or does she want to be able to walk around with it?

This looks quite decent if she wants it as equivalent to a desktop machine in her room: User Recommendation
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Thanks Ellipsis,

Same recommendation as daffy so 2 positive ideas.
She'll use it mostly at home, she's only 16 in Feb so not moving out.....yet!

Ah yes. Daffy's is higher spec, higher price but the same range.

Laptops Direct is a good company - I bought my current laptop from them.
"Same recommendation as daffy"

No it's not... not in the slightest (other than it's the same brand!)

Daffy's recommendation was a far far higher spec laptop in every way.
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Thanks for putting me right! I just saw the G580, will check them all tomorrow.

Can I put a word for Tesco ? Good prices and helpful staff. Perhaps more importantly, there would appear to be no chance that they will go out of business any time soon. Get thee to a Tesco EXTRA !

Come to think of it, Tesco will probably be the last shop on the High St at this rate !

I have no relationship with Tesco whatsoever, apart from being a satisfied customer for many years....miles better than COMET for instance.

I must say that you should buy a dell laptop because it is ease of use and will be affordable.
Dell use really cheap components. My last desktop was a Dell and when upgrading the graphics card I discovered the existing 1gb card retails for about £15.00 and on many consumer tests it failed to score anything.
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Thanks for all your suggestions. Spent this afternoon looking around and finally went for this. It turns out my brother has one and he thinks it's great.

Daughter loves it.

Cheers All

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