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Marijn | 20:56 Sun 06th Jan 2013 | Technology
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Can someone please help, I apologise that it's a long question...First of all I can't access any messages, or send any. On all of the message options it says "message storage memory not ready", and it's been saying that for 2 days. Some of these messages I'd liked to see again, as they are precious picture messages. Half the time the phone won't let me make phone calls either. I spoke to my network provider earlier and they told me to "restore settings" (NOT "restore all"). I have tried this but it hasn't cured anything. I don't want to restore all, because I've been told this will clear my whole diary/reminders on there. I just spent a couple of hours writing down on paper all the reminders from my organiser (goodness knows how long it would take me to put them all in a new phone again). Anyway, I have copied all the photos from my gallery onto my computer. Is there anything else I should save before the phone completely crashes? If I stick a memory card into the side of the phone will I be able to save my reminders, notes and to-do list, and sent, inbox and saved messages? If there's anyone out there with the patience to advise could you please help. PS I'm not really technology literate.


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Sometimes if you remove the battery and then replace it again it sorts problems out. It has for me.
Sorry I cannot answer any of your questions but thought my suggestion may be worth trying unless someone else can come up with the answers.
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I've done that about a dozen times in the last couple of days. Thanks for answering though furrypusscat.
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it usually works for me furrypusscat, but not this time :-(
What model of phone is it? With my last nokia I downloaded the Nokia Suite to my pc and I'm pretty sure I could backup all my phone data onto it. If its a newer windows phone I don't think it'll work with nokia suite but there should be some way to backup. I'll ask my daughter.
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Thank you Karenmac. What is Nokia Suite? How do I back it up on to a computer, what do I need? My phone is c2-01. My friend put a USB wire into my lap top to connect it to my mobile phone, to put my photos from the phone on to my lap top's desk top. Will this USB wire be able to transfer the phone data onto the lap top somewhere? And will I be able to get it back from the lap top into a new mobile, if I should need to buy a new one? Thank you very much
Connect your phone to your pc with the usb cable.

Here is the user guide which should help you figure out exactly what you need to do. Good luck!
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Thank you very much Karenmac. My friend talked me through what to do with that Nokia Suite, but it didn't work for me. It couldn't access my messages due to the problem with my phone saying "message storage memory not ready" and it couldn't save my organiser/reminders due to me not having Microsoft Outlook on my lap top. I didn't need to move my contacts as I made sure all my contacts were on the sim anyway, and I did'nt have any music to transfer either. But that Nokia Suite looks good should I need it in the future, it was just no good for me in these circumstances. :-(

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