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Jordyboy9 | 15:03 Thu 01st Nov 2012 | Technology
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I was told by a neighbour that tapeing from spotify to audacity is not illegal as long as i keep the tape for my own use I have not tried yet as i want to be sure that i am not breaking any copyright laws,anybody know anything regarding this?


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Nope not true, on Spotify you pay or if its free , to listen.

Never stopped me though !

PS: I've been involved with music one way or another all my working life and I've yet to see anybody go bust because of copying , d/loading etc.
I have music of my own "out there" and its gotten more publicity thanks to "illegal" downloads

copyright laws are insane in this country
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baz, where do I download your stuff? (For free of course) :-)
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Duncer you beat me to it i was going to ask the same after i said thanks for his reply,baz you are so right about the copyright laws.

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