How do scammers take remote control of your computer after phoning you and tricking you?

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Hocum | 20:58 Thu 24th May 2012 | Technology
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How do they do it a link to their website or something?


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didn't know they could......unless they get you're IP address and you give them permission, on line that is.....which you should never do unless you originate the call to your ISP tech support.
they cant do it without your consent
It you do as you are told and run something to allow remote control then it's not so hard. Recently a support desk from my local vendor was fixing a problem on one of my work machines because I allowed them access.
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So they must use the internet? If they can fix things this way why whenever something goes wrong they want you to send your computer to them for months on end?
software problems can be solved on line, internet settings etc. Hardware needs to be sorted by a techie physically. Be careful who you give access to your computer at any time.
>>>If they can fix things this way...

SOME things can be fixed this way, if a person can see what is going on on your screen.

But many things cant, if it is a hardware problem or a complete reinstall of Windows is required for example.
If something is wrong with your PC you can not be sure it is the software, it may be hardware. Plus the cost would be exhorbitant, and it's obviously more difficult to investigate problems if the PC isn't in front of you.
Hocum, if this is related to the question on another thread about scam phone calls, they don't - they are after your money, not your computer.
boxtops is right. They take your money and run.
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How do scammers take remote control of your computer after phoning you and tricking you?

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