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Lie-in King | 15:33 Mon 30th Apr 2012 | Technology
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Hi - I have an Epson Stylus Photo PX650, for which I've been using compatible ink cartridges for more than 2 years without a problem - so please, no reminders that "only genuine carts should be used".

I got a "carts not recognised" msg - ink company said it could be a fault with carts & sent me a full replacement set. I swapped them all out & still get "Cannot recognise ink cartridges".

Epson tell me the only 'reset to default' option is unplugging from the mains, which I've tried. Cleaned the contacts in printer & on carts to no avail.

Am I doomed to forking out for a new printer or can anyone suggest another course of action?

As always, thanks for your time & attention :-)


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Hi L-i-K....We meet again.!! :-)

I know nothing at all about the printer which you have and am just wondering if this is of any help to you.:-

or this guy
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Hi Ron ... people will talk!

I found that site, thank you - I really do think I've tried everything & posted here in desperation really :-)
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Seen him too, katburd, but thanks :-)
Typical really once you get one problem sorted along comes another, am sure there must be a solution out there....sorry not to have any references to add.
aww! sorry, hopefully you'll get some really good techy advice from someone later, this will put it back on to recent post again, bye for now :)
I am also sorry that I am unable to be of any assistance on this occasion and, similar to katburd, I hope that there is an AB techie who can be helpful to you.....Anyway we are not having cross words with each other.:-)

Question Author
mamya - thanks! As you say, typical! Meh...

Ron - fingers crossed & no, we're not! :-)
I too have an Epson printer and was loathe to use compatibles until I thought the true cartridges were a rip off with not so much ink in them. I resorted to compats. I met the "not Epson replacement" message but turned the printer off and on a few times and no probs since. I do hope you can find the solution to your problem without having to buy a new printer, especially if as in your case L-in-K it might mean that all Epsons finally give up the ghost under compats...<sigh>
no luck as yet :(
I'd wonder if a genuine cartridge had the same rejection message. If so there's always the sledge hammer option.
I have an Epson Stylus Photo R300 which I've had for six years now and still going strong, and the only time I used original Epson cartridges was when I first bought the printer (the ones that came with it). Since then I've used Pro-Jet compatibles which cost less than a quid each and I've always found them to be very reliable and just as good as the more expensive Epson originals.

Occasionally, I have had the "Cannot recognise ink cartridges" message but I've usually remedied this by switching off the printer for a few minutes and/or going through the "Replace Ink Cartridge" process by "fooling" the printer into believing I'm replacing the cartridges (when in fact I'm simply removing and installing the same ones). Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts before it works but I've always found it gets there in the end. I know you said you've tried everything but don't give up, in my experience, Epsons are brilliant printers (I wouldn't use anything else) but occasionally like to throw their dummy out of their pram.
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Thank you for the answers added since my last reply.

I've since managed to remove a lot of excess ink from a 'waste reservoir' under the ink holder by using cotton buds, thinking a sensor might be saying it was full. That had no effect.

The only information I can add is that removing any single cart & restarting shows ONLY that cart as unrecognised. Put it back & ALL carts are again shown as unrecognised...

Again, I thank you all for your advice & suggestions, but think I'm going to be looking at "Best Price" pages next! :-)
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