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Boto | 19:11 Tue 17th Apr 2012 | Technology
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Currently I have Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot. Every time I run Spybot there are 6-10 items listed e.g. Adviva, DoubleClick and the same ones appear every time. Can these be prevented in the first place or any spyware that automatically gets rid of them? Which is the best anti spyware? Thanks.


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I think adviva and others are cookies.

Cookies are downloaded when you visit a web site, and SOME cookies are used to track what web sites you visit and what you search for (called tracking cookies). This can be used to target the advertising you see on web sites (like this one).

You can set your browser to download no cookies, or you can set your browser to ask you before it downloads any cookies, but the trouble is that some cookies are useful (like the ones that remember your userid and password to help you log on to a web site quickly).

So I would continue to let cookies be downloaded, but make sure you "clear out" unwanted cookies on a regular basis.
There is a nice "east to read" article about cookies here
One way to sort them out is to download and install the program CCleaner (mostly known as Crap Cleaner).
CCleaner runs at computer start-up and removes any cookies which you haven't purposely saved previously so if you then run Spybot before going on-line there shouldn't be any unwanted cookies to delete or remove.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks everyone - very useful.

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