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pdust | 16:02 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Technology
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when you install them where do they go? I just installed something and its rubbish but cant find it in add and remove programmes to uninstall it.. thanks

using windows vista in case it matters ......


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I'm quoting from a book called "Windows Vista for Dummies":
To change a gadget's settings - choose which photos appear in your slide show, for example - point at the Gadget and click the tiny wrench icon that appears. To remove a Gadget completely, click the little X, instead.

Best of luck.
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hi bookbinder, thanks but its not that i need to know, i did that but its still showing in the 'add gadgets' box, so i can re add it anytime, what i need to do is uninstall it completely :)
Right click on it, select uninstall..
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aww chuck thats way too technical for me, you know what im like!!! thanks lol :)

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windows sidebar gadgets

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