French accents in Word

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Prudie | 11:44 Thu 01st Mar 2012 | Technology
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Quick help needed please - how can i get French acute accent into a Word 2003 document?


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Hold down ALT GR (to the right of the keyboard) press the appropriate letter.

é for that, Hold down Ctrl and Alt while you press the E key
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Excellent, thanks guys (never noticed that key before chuck!)
i found this site the other day (there's a drop down list of various sets of characters)

all you have to do is click on the character that you want and it is copied to the clipboard so you just paste it where you want it
Running charmap is always an answer to these types of question.
There's also a character map in all programs - accessories - system tools

for more exotic characters
This might also work:
Hold down Alt, then enter these numbers on the numeric keypad;
130 gives é
144 gives É
138 gives è
128 gives Ç
135 gives ç
0226 gives â
133 gives à
160 gives á
183 gives À
181 gives Á
All characters are in the ASCII character set obtained by ALT+a number, a complete list could be found by Googleing ASCII character set I suspect
Isn't it easier to just go to "Insert symbol" and pick what you want from the menu? No need to figure out alt-number combinations.
Thanks, dr b.
I was beginning to think I was the only person who seems to know about "insert symbol"
I always assumed that was for inserting a symbol.
Yes, but amongst the symbols are any character you like accented in any possible way.

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French accents in Word

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