Cancelling Sky TV and using Sky FreeSat

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muchlovex | 06:40 Fri 16th Sep 2011 | Technology
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Further to my previous post some kind Abers advised for me to cancel SKy TV and use the Sky Freesat. I am happy to do this to reduce my bills. I've checked my contract and all is fine.

The only question I have is in the contract it says that the Viewing Card is the property of Sky. Surely if i cancel they will ask me to send the card back.

Has anyone else cancelled their Sky TV subscription and used the Sky Freesat? If so, what do I do once I've cancelled?



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If your TV picks up freesat and freeview, and many do these days, you won't need a Sky box. They haven't asked for my card back and I use the box and card in another property.
The are two "freesats", the one run by the BBC/ITV, and the one run by Sky.

You need a Sky box if you want Sky Freesat.

You can buy a card off Sky for £25 to pick up Sky Freesat.

More here (see FAQ)

Q. I already have Sky digital satellite equipment - what else do I need?

A. All you need to gain access to the free channels available on the digital satellite platform is a Freesat from Sky viewing card, which costs just £25. If you’d like to access the interactive services available, you’ll also need a working phone line. To purchase a viewing card please phone Sky on 08448 244 400
I changed onto freesat by buying a freesat box.Once I had paid my final bill with sky,the card stopped working.If you go for the hd box you can also record programmes just the same.
Sorry to disagree with you VHG, my TV has built in Freesat and Freeview. The only box I have under the TV is a DVD player. Of course I don't have the luxury of recording any programmes, but I receive both freesat and freeview versions.
The "freesat" built in to your TV is NOT the same Freesat that is available from Sky (though they both come in via the same Satellite dish).

The Sky freesat has different (and more) channels than the BBC/ITV freesat.

For Sky Freesat you need a Sky box, for BBC/ITV Freesat you need a different type of Freesat box (or one built in to your TV like you have).
No, Sky won't ask for your card back.

As a result you won't have to buy a card, just keep using it, and it will give you access to all the free channels.

If you use the 'favourites' feature on the digibox to mark the channels you like, you won't have to trawl through all the channels blocked to you.

You will hardly notice the change, except for the lack of direct debit!.
When you try to cancel they will put you through to the department for stopping customers leaving.

They will probably offer you a 50% discount for six months, so be ready to decide what to do.

It's well worth everyone regularly threatening to leave, as they chop your bill for a while.
Apologies VHG...jd
I agree with hopkirk. I got completely fed up with paying Sky over £20 a month and simply stopped my month DD. Whiney little voices from Sky kept 'phoning me up and asking why I was leaving. When I told them that I had no interest whatsoever in 95% of thier output, they seemed a bit puzzled and amazed.

Your Sky box, dish and card will continue to work and you will still have access to most of the channels that are worth watching, like the BBC and Channel 4. What you won't have is the opportunity to buy lots of utter tat on the shopping channels, and most of the repeated American crap form the 1970's.

You will be also have much more money n your bank account every month, so whats not to like !
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Thank you all for your helpful advice. I will be calling Sky tomorrow and cancel my TV package.
Don't rush to cancel your DD until you're sure $KY have taken their final payment or they will levy an 'admin' fee as well. Ask them for the final payment date when you call to cancel, it might be later than you think. Also you can expect an offer letter on an almost daily basis for the foreseeable future plus, of course, the phone calls..the dozens and dozens of phonecalls!! I speak from experience but I don't regret cancelling. Be strong!!

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Cancelling Sky TV and using Sky FreeSat

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