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avg or norton

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cliffyg | 22:55 Fri 24th Jun 2011 | Technology
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i paid for two years norton cover and recently loaded a free update

immediately my game fun on stopped working

i contacted norton and a guy took over my pc and changed some settings

i then found i could not open some excel or word documents and still could not play games at

norton suggested internet explorer and microsoft were the problem

i contacted my service provider bt and so far all the advice was free

i was advised to try microsoft - their advice is at premium rate £1.53 per minute
the advert says most problems are solved in under 10 minutes

mine took all day and cost via several phone calls £140

the next morning the problem returned i tried to phone again but bt had blocked the premium line
i emailed microsofts agents and they corrected the pc problems without further charge

they took off norton and replaced it with avg which will cost me another £50

my pc is working fine now but have a been conned.

if not what is better avg or norton.


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Hideous time. Are you sure the "free" update was genuine cliffyg?
yep - AVG is free
Hi Cliffy, use either the free version of AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials which is also free (It's surprising that Microsoft didn't suggest that instead anyway!).
Question Author

avg still seem to want £50 for two years to carry on after one months use
Norton .. always .. for me .. and it's what I frequently recommend to others .. who also have no problem.
Was it Norton 'everything', Internet Security or just Norton Anti-Virus (2010/2011)?
Wish you'd come here first!
Paid AVG is better than free AVG.
Question Author
norton everything
-- answer removed --

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