McAfee real time scanning won't stay on

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barb1314 | 21:42 Sat 04th Jun 2011 | Technology
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I had updates from McAfee Security Centre this evening,which I have done. Now my real time scanning will not stay on and the box keeps flashing up saying my computer is at risk. Can anyone help? I have no idea what to do. (in very simple terms would be great...Chris (Buenchico) are you out there? Also a Microsoft Windows box keeps coming up saying 'McAfee Service Host has stopped working' but when I click on 'check online for a solution',nothing happens. I assume the 2 things are connected. Is this anything to do with having Malaware running on the computer.I wondered if the 2 programmes are conflicting but I am pretty clueless!! Thanks anyone.


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I had the problem of the McAfee real time scanning not staying on and fixed it by clicking on the McAfee icon to open it up. Then going to help in the top right hand corner. Then clicking on the link going to the McAfee support website. Then you can click 'get support'. Then click 'go to technical support'. I'm not sure what fixed my laptop but I used the virtual technician and then looked at the faq and used the article:
Document ID: TS100903 entitled "Your computer is at risk: Real-Time Scanning: Off"
(It was one of the top ten)
In step 3 of the solution (I think) There's a program you can download. Running this the first time didn't seem to do anything. I closed it and tried again this time just double clicking even though I have windows 7. This time it did something more but still didn't really seem to do anything.
Then I restarted my laptop and now it's fine so I'm not sure what resolved it. Probably that program.
Hope this helps
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Thanks Link,I emailed tech support and the next time I logged on my laptop and real time scanning was fixed. Thank you for your help and sorry I was so slow to reply!

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McAfee real time scanning won't stay on

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