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Site I visit has recently been hacked into by spyware any danger to my computer?

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kita1 | 20:04 Fri 23rd Oct 2009 | Internet
3 Answers
A site I visit has recently had problems with spyware.

Today I received an e mail from a person with a name I don't recognise, it has not been labelled as 'spam'. I have not opened it (and don't intend to), but I wondered if it is possible that my e mail address has been obtained from this site that has been affected by spyware?

Could there be any danger to my computer? Should I just delete this e mail?

I have the free version of AVG Anti-Virus, my firewall is switched on and I also have malware.

I am not very technical/computer minded so any advice would be appreciated.


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If you haven't opened it delete it. I would always run a virus check and malware check afterwards, even if unnecessary, just for peace of mind!
i get these every day from i e "re john" or mary etc if you don't know them delete it don't open it if you do open it should be ok but NEVER CLICK ON ANY LINKS in that mail

one of the best free programs out there,no need for any other adware or sypware scanners

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Site I visit has recently been hacked into by spyware any danger to my computer?

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