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babex1 | 11:23 Fri 12th Jun 2009 | Internet
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why will my windows vista not let me install adobe flash player


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Do you have an old version of flash player installed? If you do you should uninstall that first.

This may be helpful.

Does it come up with any errors while instaling it?
Without any details it could be for all sorts of reasons.

Try downloading it from here
Question Author
thank you 2 all above i have uninstalled and reinstalled but it has installed its self but there is nothing there i know it sounds mad but this is drivin me mad as i can not excess some site without it.
Had same trouble, tried umpteen times to load it, it always says it is loaded, but nothing there when I click on it. Given up trying!!
Mine was the same and then I finally installed, it seemed to slow everthing down.
Question Author
i think i will give up now 2 cause its very frustrating

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