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tombrandy | 19:25 Tue 23rd Sep 2008 | Internet
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Hi, I am thinking of changing my ISP and dont really know which is the best, I am at present with Tiscali but i am fed up with the downloads going from 580+ kps down to 85kps, and it supposed to be Tiscali max .when I ring my ISP they tell me to disconect my computer wait a few minutes and then boot it back options are Virgin,BT,or SKY? can anyone give me any info, thanks TOM


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Your download issues may be with your line (do you live in a rural area?), or simply that the places you're downloading from is heavily subscribed (i.e., may not be Tiscali's fault, and won't be improved if you switch to BT or anyone else).

Virgin are pretty good (and if it is the line that's the issue, then this will sort it, since they use their own line), the only issue is that they have an idiot of a CEO right now for Virgin Media, who wants to turn the internet into some controlled environment like cable TV.
I am with Tiscali and have been for about 10 years, lately I have got depressed with (seemingly) downloads of about 600kps even though I should be getting up to 8 Mb
Solution was to change ISP download website, the one that I have been using for the past 3 years had become corrupt and filing totally useless results. Since I Googled other sites I note that I am getting my usual 5.5 Mb which is the average for where I live

try eedtest/

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Many thanks kevin, I gave it a try & my download speed was 4.35 & my upload speed was 3.78?
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sorry kevin upload was 378kps.
thanks again

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