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Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware

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spotit3 | 23:04 Tue 10th Jul 2007 | Internet
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Please be patient with me as I am a little confused over internet security. I have been reading replies to other questions and just want to check do I need anti-virus, software PLUS anti-spyware PLUS a firewall all running on my PC?


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Yes is the answer to that one, anti virus & a firewall are a must these days, antispyware or malware is becomming just as important. There are plenty of free programs to use on the net.
yes excellent freebies avg antivirus / comodo firewall (disengage xp firewall when installing this and leave it off) spytbot spyware prog and ad aware free editon malware prog
update them weekly if not on auto upapdate and fully run them once a week
good luck
Both spybot and adaware are excellent, but they do not run in the background - the programmes need to be run once a week or so.

As well as these I have spywareblaster which runs all the time, another free programme: 22_4-10486084.html

Comodo Boclean: l

My firewall is also Comodo:

My antivirus is Avast:

All of these are free and do not conflict with each other.
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Thanks a lot everyone, you have all been really helpful. Just one other question. How do I disengage XP Firewall?
Start - control panel - security centre (center) - click Windows Firewall, then 'off'.
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Thanks a lot, Ethel, you are a real star!

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Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware

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