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Wifi Router Extender.

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zabado | 15:54 Fri 24th May 2024 | Internet
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If I buy a second Wifi router extender will it boost my Wifi signal even further. ie, Router in the spare bedroom to Wifi extender in the kitchen to wifi extender in my shed. Thanks.



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It's not recommended by TP-Link (who make extenders):

If you want to get wifi in your shed and it has electricity consider powerlines - you will need one to plug the router in to and the other to beam out the wifi in the shed

This is an example User Recommendationref=sr_1_5


If you do decide on powerline plugs I prefer the 'pass through' type so that you are not losing two sockets.  A bit more expensive but worth it

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Thanks for all the info guys.

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Wifi Router Extender.

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