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Canary42 | 16:24 Fri 01st Oct 2021 | Internet
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From time to time I've been getting warnings that Answerbank is using a lot of memory on my Mac. (and response is abysmally slow).

But just now I got a question "Will you allow Answerbank to use 1.8 Gigabyte of memory".

I clicked "don't allow" obviously (I've only got 4 Gbyte in total, and I had already allowed 1.4 and 1.6 only seconds earlier) - but why does Answerbank require such enormous resources ? (I suspect the ads)


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I'm guessing that you've enabled the "read offline" feature in Safari.
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Thank you TC, I implemented that right away within minutes of your post and while the issue hasn't gone away completely, since then I've only had one or two (somewhat less severe) examples of the first manifestation (whereas they were occurring many times each day) and none of the second.

Thanks again.

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Storage Consumption

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