Broadband Speed Greater Than 40 Mbps

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porkchop | 15:19 Thu 21st Jan 2016 | Internet
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I was thinking of changing my Broadband, TV and phone BUNDLE to a new supplier but the catch is they can only supply to residence with a Broadband Speed of 40 MBPS or greater.
I was told my Broadband speed was "only" 12 MBPS and as a result i could not avail of the new bundle.
Why have we only got 12 MBPS and how can i get 40 MBPS? If most residence are like mine and have only the same broadband speed as mine why does this new company bother advertising their product?


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Virgin has supplied cable broadband for years and can supply up to 200 Mbps.

Bt has upgraded many of its customer to 'superfast' cable broadband and can supply up to 76 Mbps but those stuck on the old lines can't get it.
Out of interest, who is your current supplier and who was you thinking of changing to?
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I am not residence in UK so my MBPS will probably not apply in UK. Anyway i am with Virgin and wish to transfer to Vodafone.

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Broadband Speed Greater Than 40 Mbps

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