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I Have Just Checked My Internet Speed On My Desktop

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tamaris | 11:26 Wed 04th Mar 2015 | Internet
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Download is 7.9 mb
Upload is 618 KB
Is that good ?


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To answer your question we need to know with who do you have your internet and what plan are you on. Rgds.

Just checked mine, BT Infinity;

D/L 39.1 Mb. U/L 11.2 Mb.
Well I get 100 mbps d/l with Virgin cable.
my speed is 1.8mb download on a good day wish mine was 7.9mb
If you are on standard broadband that is pretty good. If you're on fibre you need to speak to your ISP.
I Do Not feel that I can better the answer given by bhg481.

If you are on standard Broadband and getting a download speed in excess of 2.0 you have surpassed the standard set by the UK Government for the year 2016. :-


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I have broadband with plus net and my phone line is with BT
Your broadband speed depends more on how far you are away from your telephone exchange, and whether you are copper or fibre, than your ISP. All copper lines are BT anyway, at the end of the day.
Just out of possible interest. Plusnet is part of BT.

Just to add to bhg's post...

The distance from the Exchange doesn't make as much difference as it used to,
if BT have supplied "fibre to the cabinet" in your area. Check your local green cabinet...if it looks new, have louvers in the side, its where the fiber is terminated. It probably also a huge great big sticker on the front. extolling the virtues of BT Infinity !

Check with BT to see if you can get Infinity, and they will tell you what kind of speed you can expect. Its important to realise that almost everybody who gets broadband from their telephone line, relies on BT to supply that line, no matter who your ISP is.

I can't really comment about cable broadband as it wasn't around when I left BT a few years ago. I changed over to BT Infinity 1 a year ago and now get on average a download speed of between 32 mega pixies and 38 megas pixies.....more than enough for my needs.
Excuse my ignorance but what is a mega pixie?
Sorry toalisi ! .....mbps ! |But pixies are everywhere you know .....
Good one mikey!!
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I Have Just Checked My Internet Speed On My Desktop

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