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Sipowicz | 15:34 Fri 08th Aug 2014 | Internet
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I am trying to register with an on-line forum. Part of the registration process asks me to "name one from top five templates on this site", I haven't got a scooby! Any offers?


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Google it

Add the name of the site to the question wording and see what pops up.
or try 'sports'
If it's my scrapnook, which has just popped up here under the question, it's

Free templates
photo collages
Family Tree
Question Author
Tried all of the above, still no luck!
can you tell us the name of the forum?
Thinking about it - it is strange. Why would they ask you a question that you would be unable to answer.
Is this page of any help?

I hit a button at one stage and it came up with a picture of HMP Perth - down the road from me.

Did you manage to get in?
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