Turning Sound And Volume Adjustment On Laptop

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Animals4me | 13:37 Sat 23rd Nov 2013 | Internet
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This is a silly question Iam sure but unable to listen to radio programmes on laptop,podcasts,iplayer,etc as despite clicking on sound icon on screen unable to get sound.No problem with desktop pc as all had to do was push button and turn separate speaker on....anyone tell me simply how to achieve this please? Many thanks.


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You do have the laptop speaker button on as well (on mine it's in the very top row of keys)? This is separate to the sound/volume control that sits at the bottom of youtube, iplayer clips on screen etc
What make and model is your laptop?
Do you have volume icon(s) on your keyboard? If yes, have you tried those keys? Have you tried them whilst holding the FN key?
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Thanks...that did the trick...had only tried the FN key and not looked at top row....much appreciated.
Excuse my ignorance, whats the FN key?

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Turning Sound And Volume Adjustment On Laptop

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