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coomputerman | 09:05 Thu 30th May 2013 | Internet
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Hi All

Have been looking at the site for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge and join.

As you all know O2 have been taken over by Sky (Don't want to give them ANY of my money), and I'm looking for a new provider, has any one had any experience of Tesco as a broadband user, if so what are they like, I'd like to hear good or bad as we need to seriously start considering our options.

All answers appreciated


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tesco is good for me,no probs or plus net, both have uk help centres
I was with Orange then EE for quite a while, SKY offered 12mths free B.Band, I took the plunge, "Time will tell"
I am more than happy with Virginmedia
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Someone I know has suggested TalkTalk but I have seen quite a few negative comments about their customer support.

We have been with O2 for about 4 years and in all that time I could not fault the service, and in the end I only paid £4.50 for 8Mb unlimited. We had a problem with the line to the house and it took ages for BT to agree that there was a problem and in that time O2 were always great changing setting etc, to help us out.

I know that "You pay your money and take your choice", but I don't want to get lumbered with poor service and even worse customer support.
Talk Talk!! Wait Wait that what their Customer Supports are like, I would not go there again if they offered it to me F.O.C.
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That's what I've read TWR. Thinking seriously about Tesco.
Have read of this thread about Talktalk,coomputerman.
Hi Coomputerman under no circumstance use Talk Talk, I have AOL, which is owned by Talk Talk.

Last November my broadband started "dropping out", they sent me a new router, charged me for it, but never told me, didn't fix the problem.

Sent a bloke, charged me, told me they wouldn't, didn't fix the problem.

Call centre is Indian, I can't understand them, they cannot understand me.

Sent numerous E-Mails no response, still have the problem.

When it was AOL it was fine, the problem is obviously Talk Talk.

I am now going to pay BT, on offer, and pay off my AOL contract.

They are a disgrace.
BT for me!
And for me it's BT.

Which? has three Recommended Providers for broadband - Zen Internet, Be and Plusnet.
I have Plusnet (via John Lewis Phone and Broadband) and have been impressed by just about everything.
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Be is also going to Sky :-(
@gingejbee......I have heard lots of good things said about Plusnet which is now a Division of BT.


Welcome to Answer Bank !!! I'm with EE as was Orange....quite good broadband / phone package...
@Al. Yes, Plusnet is owned by BT but is run completely separately. For example, their customer service number gets you through to Yorkshire not Mumbai!
I'm with TalkTalk and have been for a few years. I've had no trouble with the actual broadband and have just upgraded to fibre optic. However, their customer service was poor. Was supposed to get a router for the engineer to install the fibre optic but it didn't arrive. It was a good thing I'd bought a new router just 3 months before or he wouldn't have been able to do the installation. The You View box which is part of the package didn't arrive either and I had to chase both items up. So, not impressed with their customer service, but my computer download speed has gone from 2.8 to about 36.8 using an Ethernet cable. Brilliant!
It seems that there are differing views on every broadband supplier and each one has their god and bad points.
^^good even.
Can anyone tell me where BT's call centre is based please?
i have been with plusnet for 10+ years and they are very good. I do however have a prob understanding their call centre - they all spek with yorkshire accents!

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