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molliemoo | 20:34 Thu 21st Jun 2012 | Internet
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Wondering if anyone can help.?
I cannot get on to a website unless it is a bookmarked one, this has been happening since this morning.
If i click a bookmark i can access that website fine. If i type a word or website into the search/address bar i get - on chrome -oops gooogle chrome could not connect to www. xxxxxx
And on Explorer - Internet explorer cannot display the webpage.
On explorer if i click diagnose connection problems i get a message saying the website is online but is not responding (whatever website i choose) and if i then click details its says:
its not responding to connections on port 80 possibly due to security or firewall settings and that windows is not detecting a problem with my firewall.
Same problems in firefox too.
Am bewildered as to what to try to sort it
Any help much appreciated


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try turning your firewall off see if it connects then (just to try ) if it connects its your security settings try switching the comp off then back on again most of the time this a cure all,
Try temporarily disabling your firewall, to see if that's the cause of your problem. (If you're unsure of how to do it, search for 'disable Windows firewall', 'disable Norton firewall, 'disable MSE firewall', etc, as appropriate - or post again, telling us which firewall you're using).

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Thanks for the quick responses. I cant google disable firewall as thats part of the problem! :0) Can only access bookmarked pages
I am unsure how to turn it off - its norton. Have gone into norton security but still none the wiser. im rubbish at this sort of thing
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ok ignore that! have just figured out how to turn it off
made no difference to the problem though :(
It sounds like your router is failing to connect properly to your ISP's DNS server. That's the computer which converts a typed URL into the 'numeric' address of the website you require, sometimes called a 'dotted quad'.

Here's a test:
Enter into your browser's address bar, to see if you can get into the Amazon website. (Based upon what you've told us, I'll assume that you cant). Then enter into the address bar, and try again. (That bypasses the DNS server, since you've provided the required doted quad yourself). If you get into the Amazon site, it's definitely a DNS problem.

If so, please tell us the make of your router and which ISP you're using.

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i tried that and no luck either
I am using a 3 dongle, Huawei E586

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