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Sleep Mode

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Everhelpful | 16:44 Wed 23rd Feb 2011 | Computers
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Where can I find "Sleep Mode" Enable/Disable on my Laptop:HP Compaq 6715s Many Thanks for any replies.


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What operating system are you using? It's usually an option when you shut down.
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Windows XP,squarebear.
Do you mean you want to stop the computer going to sleep automatically after a set amount of time? or do you really mean hibernation mode?

If the first then it's in power options, but as SB says, what version of windows are you running as exactly how to find it differs
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My problem is: When I leave Computer for a while during the day everything appears to be frozen, and I have to Re-Boot to start again.
That's not sleep mode. Sleep mode is where you can switch off your PC and come back to it later without it having to fully boot up again.
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I must be going wrong somewhere in my Settings as I clean Laptop religiously,can you advise anything I can do? Thanks.
it's often caused by a buggy or corrupt driver so the fist thing to try is goto HPs website and download and install all the latest drivers.

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I will do that now,Chuck,Thank You for your advice.
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Thank You both for your help,Much Appreciated.

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Sleep Mode

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