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craft1948 | 17:46 Wed 16th Feb 2011 | Computers
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I have been given a Canon CanoScan LiDE 25/LiDE 60 scanner but without the installation disc.
Can someone tell me if this is compatible with 32 bit Windows 7..............I've tried a few sites to try and download the drivers etc but can only find it for Windows 7 64 bit.


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I downloaded that chuck but when I tried to run it I got a message saying there were no drivers :-( I know I'm thick...........
i broke mine, think i still have disc somewhere
Try here, get the TWAIN driver.

(TWAIN is one of the best acronyms in computing..... Technology Without An Interesting Name)
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Thanks Chuck..............I de-installed it and went back to the first link, and this time it seems to have worked so I'll have a play now (this should be good without any instructions)
Thanks also 4get....
ok if you need mine let me know x
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That's very kind of you 4get but oooh it's working. I've scanned in an old photo so will try as my avatar.
You look like Vera Lynn craft ! Can you sing as well :-))))))))
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Vera Lynn my bum.....
its a great simple scanner unfortunately i knocked mine off a shelf with the door smashed to pieces
Just had this issue .. but with My Lide80 and & 64Bit (There are no drivers for it .. and none I can find that work)
You should be ok with those 32Bit drivers tho!
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I found a site with 64 bit drivers........
That was the site .. posted! Canon site.
Heres the Lide 25 ... 32Bit ScanGear CS 11.012 ...

Heres the Lide 60 ... 32Bit Scangear 11.110a
64 Bit drivers ..
None of them will/or can be made to work with Lide80 on Windows7 64Bit .. unfortunately.
Shame ... Great Scanner.

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