Help please, how to send several (2) photos on one e-mail through Outlook Express

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eviespost | 18:16 Fri 23rd Apr 2010 | Computers
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Help please! I am not very skilled on computers but I need to know an EASY way (!) of sending several photos on one e-mail through Outlook Express, please.
If anyone could explain 'How To' , I could print out the instructions and have a go.

Looking forward to a kind and clever person responding!
Thanks very much


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just go to my pictures - highlight all pictures you need to send then down left hand side you will see = email selected items click on that and your email will open up all ready to send.
Beside fruitycat's method, you can also add pictures to an e-mail you are working on by clicking in the text pane where you usually type and click that little picture of a mountain above the textpane. That will ask you to browse to where the image is stored on your computer.
Click on the image you want to insert and press OK. That will put the picture in your document at the place where your cursor is.

To shift the picture(s) around on the page, first click on it so that it changes shade, it is 'ranged'. Then place the cursor just in front of the image and press the spacebar, that will shift it to the right. You can instantly move it to the left or right of the page by clicking one of those icons with stripes, always remember to click in the image first so the computer knows what to move. You can move text all over the place too by ranging it (run the corsor over it while holding down the left mouse button).

Before you start adding the pictures, it makes life a lot easier if you copy them all to desktop, then you know where to navigate to.
You could just drag and drop the photos into outlook (new email window). Like futritcat said but that way you could drop hundreds from different folders without having them all open at once (opening a folder, dragging into outlook then closing the folder and opening another folder and doing the same). Both methods said by futritcat and wildwood work, just throwing another idea in.
try to download Picasa3 by google, which is a free program. You can send as many photos as you want in one go.
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Hey thanks, futritcat, wildwood, northernmonkey, dizmouk2009 anddidappointed, for all your replies. I have printed them out and will follow instructions, and thanks very much indeed for your help.
Best wishes,
Can't send any emails at the moment, personally. Ran out of ink.

: )

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Help please, how to send several (2) photos on one e-mail through Outlook Express

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