Too much Adobe?

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Coldicote | 10:34 Wed 03rd Feb 2010 | Computers
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I'm aware there have been various Adobe questions on AB before and am surprised that many people seem glad to have all the features.

I need Adobe Reader for pdf files and occasionally like to see a video of a news item. My PC has; Adobe Reader 9.3; Adobe Flash Player Active X; and Adobe Shockwave Player 11. What is the difference between Flash Player and Shockwave Player? Things jiggling around on the screen when I don't want them are a pestering nuisance. I'm wondering which to uninstall?

Sometimes when my PC is trying to connect on-line I get an Adobe symbol on the status bar and
information that connection could not be made, so have to go back to Start > Connect to...
Advice welcome.


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>I'm wondering which to uninstall? is probably just a link to the Adobe web site.

Adobe Reader, Flash and Shockwave you need becuase many web sites use them.

If you uninstall Flash or Shockwave many web sites will not work.

Many web sites now use Flash to show video (Youtube does I believe).

None of these Adobe products are large so why are you so keen to remove them?

Generally, removing programs (particularly ones that you dont know what they do) is a sure way to stop your computer working.

If you are trying to make space on your hard disk there are far better things to remove than a few small Adobe programs.
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Thanks VHG. I've just been to Control Panel and, as you say, most of these programs are quite small, though I notice Adobe Reader 9.3 shows as 143 MB, which I must obviously keep to read pdf files. When I first switch on and click Internet Explorer, or one or two others, that would normally connect automatically I get the Adobe icon with 'Connect' appearing on the task bar and a notice on screen that connection could not be made. This was the last straw that made me wonder what I might delete. Seems I shall have to put up with it!
Not strictly true answers. is a mainly subscription web-based multi-app that can be used to file-share, convert formats, save, etc.
Flash and Shockwave are different formats and are used by web-builders in the same way as java is used . to enhance web dispays, advertising, and many other ways. Web sites will work, but you may miss something that does not load.
My advice ... keep flash and shockwave up to date. Switch off flash in browser unless yo need it. This is easy in Firefox, as you can use the plug-in Flashblock to select which sites you allow, and which you do not. For instance, the BBC news site uses Flash to display its videos, as does UTube.
Best way for you is to install the Hosts anti-ad file here ....

: )
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I must obviously explore Firefox plug-in Flashblock. There's no end to the useful information one can find on AB. Thank you both.
Have a read here ...

I always uninstall adobe reader and install foxit reader for pdf files, a much smaller programme, at 5.11 MB,

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Too much Adobe?

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