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Kidd72 | 22:01 Sat 17th Jan 2009 | Computers
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Hi, I know that some of you are techno wizkids on here so I'll keep it simple:

Recently I've had to system restore my PC (running far slower than it should be) but is it safe to keep refragmenting files etc on one of your drives? Inc. System etc... I know it should be done frequently but is it safe to keep defragmenting the same drive?


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a successful dafrag will never harm a drive in any way, but there is a small risk of a defrag going wrong (or a power outage during it) and you losing data
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ahh ok, thanks but I really want to clean up the drive as files go in and out quite fast and want to tidy it up abit (looks messy) so with defrg files been here there and everywhere I know there shouldn't be a problem but...

...with the drive staying on would any/if any damage be done to the files, if I constantly defraged it more than a few times?

Highlighted part Is what I was getting at.
If your PC is slow I doubt defragmenting your disk is going help that much, particularly if you defragged a few hours or a few days earlier.

A well defragged disk is going to improve performance so little you will hardly notice it.

A slow PC is far more likely to be caused by a poor processor (not that easy to upgrade) or lack of real memory (very easy to upgrade).

Or it could be that you have too many programs running (perhaps coupled with lack of memory).

Or if the internet is slow it could be your broadband speed.
depending on useage 4 or 6 times a year should be enough

if it's running slow

just use the defaults ... see how it feels ...
if no joy then restore/reinstall

personally I split my drives into a couple of partitions ...
c: is system + basic software (stuff that changes infrequently)
d: is my working Data (I always move my documents here)
e: is games / tryout software and photo/music storage ready for archiving to CD/DVD (if required)
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OK, thank you guys all taken into account.

buy a better PC... lol

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