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Firefox, opening a new tab

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Panic Button | 00:30 Mon 29th Dec 2008 | Computers
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I am now using Firefox, as IE kept freezing up on me.

I am getting used to it now, but I can't see how to open a second tab.

The only way I have found so far is to click on someones link in an AB answer and use that.


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Ctrl and T will open a new tab
file menu... new tab

Ctrl + t

or how I do it...

Click tools and add-ons then search for "new tab"

You should find an add-on called new tab button on right (or something like that) install it, restart firefox and you'll have a new tab button just to the right of the last tab opened (just like in IE)
That was a rubbish answer, sorry. Control and T will certainly open a new tab, but you can set it to open a new tab from links and from your search box.

Tools - options - tabs

Make sure 'new pages should open in new tabs' is ticked
Ooops - I meant my answer was rubbish, not Chucks. :)
LOL... I figured that Ethel :)

At the top of the Firefox window On the menu bar, click the File menu and select New Tab


Just Double-click an empty space in the Tab Bar.
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Ah, I found a better way Chuck.


then I dragged a new tab button onto my toolbar.

Thanks everyone.
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Rollo, I don't have a tab bar until a second tab is opened.
Yes, that's right. You have to have have tabs already ion order to get a new one by double clicking.

I have the tab button on the toolbar, and use that once. Then I just double click on the tab bar.
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Rollo, following Ethel's link:


there is an option available to always show the tab bar, but I do not have it selected.

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Firefox, opening a new tab

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