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vthom | 23:45 Mon 21st Jul 2008 | Computers
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When will VoIP replace regular landlines? So far VoIP is getting stronger and stronger aside from getting cheaper and cheaper. If they can find a way for VoIP not to be power dependent then thats getting closer to replacing the landline. the only problem left is being internet dependent which it will be otherwise it won't be VoIP after all.


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possibly sooner than you think ... but not as fast as it should be.

there are various voip switches (in old money switchboards)
which work very well ... but they are dedicated lan servers and in the scheme of things have low contention ratios.

My bt home hub always works a treat.
my internet anywhere works fine in hotspots

my cisco buisness line is ppppppatttthhheeeeeetttiiiiccccc.
because it works (ha) through a vpn.

I've not done much with skype so I'll leave that to someone else.

a few weeks ago I was taken round some of BT's 21c kit in a metro node ... and it's simply amazing.

4tib routers which split white light with prisms into component parts and use the colours as separate channels ....

the modulation is achieved with liquid crystal "switches" ... then it's all sent down a fiber.

it's not a power thing ... its ...............timing

voip falls apart on a mixed collision domain network .... the problem isn't power ... it's time .... how do you co-ordinate 1000's of conversations using 1000000s of packet slots so they all get acceptable transmission ....and pipe them in a way which is cost effective?
Er . . . . anybody care to follow that . . .
feel free dude ... feel free

I know it's an over simplified answer ... but I wanted to make it acessible to all
VoIP makes the world goes smallert. Long distance calls in VoIP is a lot cheaper than regular lines. Sooner, VoIP will replace traditional phones for it can be access anywhere as internet is accessible. Besides, it has more features than tradtional phones. Media URL:
Internet is now wire independent. Sooner internet can be accessed anywhere even in remote areas powered by sattelite as well as VoIP.
It won't be far that VoIP will be the choice as a phone system. In fact, more and more telephony features are being integrated with a VoIP service such as call screening, caller ID, etc. See this link for instance:

Maybe yes but not within 5 years. VoIP needs to address some issues as 911 calls, internet reliability and power (electric) dependent.
That's the only negative side i've seen of VoIP. Its a power dependent unlike landlines, it works even without power.
VoIP will not totally replace landlines. Cellphones are designed to replace landlines but that didn't happen.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as Internet telephony, allows business owners to make calls via broadband Internet (and therefore their desktop computer) by turning sound into IP packets and then transferring this via the Internet. VoIP offers many benefits over calls that are made via the traditional telephone system and phone lines, which are outlined below.
Keep in mind that VoIP telephone calls cannot be distinguished from traditional phone calls. VoIP is also easy to install and use.
Here are some additional benefits:
1. Savings
2. Greater Reliability
3. Greater Convenience and Increased Productivity
4. Greater Functionality
5. Better Scalability
If you want to learn more about benefits of VoIP for business, click here.
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