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manutd2465 | 20:37 Tue 22nd Apr 2008 | Computers
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I have got a PDF document that I want to edit (It's my CV), however, I can't find a free PDF editor, and am reluctant to pay to make a fewminor alterations. Can anyone point me in the direction of a free PDF editor. TYVM


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You can try this site, it has free pdf editor- r/edit-pdf-editor-free-software.asp

I hope this will help?
What the above program does is enable you to convert to MS Word or Rich Text Formats (RTF) so that you can edit, then convert back again into PDF. You could try it, but if you have any PDF formatting set-up you will lose it in the conversion. But Adobe Reader allows you to copy to Clipboard anyway so I don't see what value that program actually provides.

Editing in Acrobat is one of the features that Adobe jealously guards for itself - it wouldn't sell any copis of Acrobat if it allowed this for free.
Did you convert it to pdf from an original word document? Where is the original document?
You can convert your CV at, Just register, login upload, convert and edit according to your need......... Media URL:

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PDF Document Editor

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