Wireless router?

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cameo | 10:32 Sat 03rd Nov 2007 | Computers
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Hi, I have just got a wireless modem router for my computer.
As I am totally useless at anything technical, a friend connected it up to my computer. Aftr a couple of problems everything seems to be working fine.
I'm sure I've heard somewhere that when you go 'wireless' you are supposed to set up some sort of security to stop unknown sources connecting to your router. i mentioned this to my friend and he said don't worry about it!
can someone tell me if i should do this or not, and if so how?
If it's really complicated my friend will do it for me!!


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do worry about it

you don't say which router
go to their site and look in the support .... or (I assume you still have the book that came with the box?)
look in ther .... the magic words are wep and psk

also consider mac address lists to tie it all down
lookie here for what needs doing orks-1.htm
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neildownx - that may be the case for your router, but not all routers are the same.

We need to know the sort of router cameo is using.
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Thanks everyone.
My router is a Belkin G+ mimo
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I found the main page for my router and clicked on security.
In the box it says 'disabled'. In the drop down box my choices are:
64bit Wep
128bit Wep

What do I choose, and what do I do next??
when you type in password for password you must change it afterwards as most people keep it as this so they all have the same one, not wise!! think you can type in something else right away rather than going back to it at a later stage. as was mentioned this is on the 192. ...etc area.
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Can someone help me with this, (Check my previous answer).
I don't know my 64 bit from my 128 or my radius from my psk!!!
I'm getting worried now and I don't know what to do! :(
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neildownx, thanks so much for your help but as I am not very confident doing this stuff i will show your answers to my friend and he can do it for me. I'm such a doofus!!!

Thanks again.

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