split hard drive ! ! ! !

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funkymoped | 02:06 Sun 27th May 2007 | Computers
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ive got a Sony Vaio with a 40gig hard drive. the problem ive got is with the hard drive. i know for a fact its only got one hard drive, but when i attempt to de-frag it shows two (2) hard drives. one drive is full, the other is empty ! ! ! ! the questions i have are.... (1) how did the drive become split into two ?? (2) how do i bring the two areas back into one ??? at the moment im being told im short of space, but ive still got 20gig of free space.... thanks in advance... :-)


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You may have one physical hard drive, but it is probably split into two logical partitions. This was done when Sony built the laptop and installed the software.

These will probably be called your "C" drive and your "D" drive.

My guess is you have been using your C drive and that is full and your D drive is empty.

There is no problem with having a split hard drive, you just now need to start using your D drive.

So when you want to store things just store them on D instead of C.

Or you could move some files from your C drive to your D drive. For example if you have downloaded a movie from the internet and it is a large file you can move it from C to D.

There are utilities around to "merge" partitions, like Partition Magic shown here n_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/ThemeID.106300/ productID.44316200

But note if you make a mistake while trying to merge partitions your could accidently delete all the partitions and lose everything on your disk.

I would just leave things as they are and just start using your D drive.
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cheers ve........

i knew the hard drive had been split, but i thought it had been done by one of us here in the house...

im gonna have to start moving lots of stuff because ive only got a couple of megs left on my C drive....

thanks again mate....

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split hard drive ! ! ! !

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